FIXCLIP is a brand new and innovative lockable clip made for challenging and windy conditions. Our patented knee-lock system provides unique grip-hold properties, even in the toughest conditions. The clip is made of high quality UV-resistant plastic and will last many seasons exposed to sun, wind and water.


The flexible grip range of 5-32 mm enables a broad use of FIXCLIP. It doesn't matter if you attach the clip to a clothes-line or a thick rail. FIXCLIP will keep the grip.


  • BOAT

    FIXCLIP is the optimal clip to use on your boat. Attach wet towels and clothes on guardrails or pulpits to let them dry. With FIXCLIP you dont have to worry about loosing the grip in the wind. 


    FIXCLIP is very popular due to its versatile use. When you go camping you often need to setup temporary solutions for tarps, tents, blankets, etc. Whenever you need to fasten anything, FIXCLIP will stay rock solid.


    To dry freshly washed clothes outdoors is very common. But it is also common for the clothes to blow away in the wind! With FIXCLIP your clothes will always stay where you put them, no matter if its a thin clothes line or a thick balcony rail.

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My Fixclip's do not work as promised.

Make sure that you lock the clip properly. 

To use the clip you pinch the top white "ears" to open the lower orange part. Place it over whatever you need to secure and then push in on the lower ribbed section on each side of the white part to lock it into place.

Watch this video to get clear instructions of how to use the clip.

Where can I purchase FIXCLIP at a retailer

Here is a list of our retailers

Does FIXCLIP ship to my country?

Yes, we ship all over the world.

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